Thursday, 4 April 2019

Month No. 2

I’m really getting used to my Irish life. Things go well, the job seems to be a really good fit for me, more or less what I hoped and expected it would be, I’m not getting lost in when hanging out in Dublin and I finally started going out a bit.

Yesterday I visited National Concert Hall for UCD (University College Dublin) Symphony Orchestra concert, they had a beautiful retrospective on a couple of masterpiece symphonies by various Russian composers. The venue is really beautiful, I was with my Czech friend Zuzka who I met a couple of years ago in amateur badminton league we both played in Prague. I suited up and enjoyed great music and one of my few nights out since I have been living in Ireland. We started with a drink at Café en Seine (very cool place). I hope it was one of many evenings like that.

Recently I have been thinking about when I am going to leave. My aim when I left Prague was a minimum one year and then we will see. I expected I would miss my friends, my family, many things, sports, my favourite cinemas, bars and theatres in Prague and so on. But honestly the reality is I spend much more time talking to my family than ever through Facetime or WhatsApp, I am in touch with a couple of friends, instead of favourite places in Prague I began creating a list of my favourite spots in Dublin and I started to think about how it had been if I would have never left Ireland. Not saying it is a plan, but the aim has definitely begun to be diverted with many other opportunities I actually didn’t really think through. It would be great to move to another country in a couple of years. Who knows...

I’m in the middle of my stay at the house in Dublin 12 that I rented for 3 months which means that in a month I have to find some roof to sleep under. Taking into account my initial plan to buy a car as soon as possible is ruined for now because I'm not gonna pay thousands of euro for insurance, so I look for a place as close as possible to the office and/or to a railway station. I’m curious where I end.

I received my first salary (happy day it was) J It was taxed by a so-called emergency tax of 41% because I didn’t manage to complete my registration with Irish Revenue. I have been able to complete it at the beginning of the month so I’m looking forward to 28th April, it should be an even happier day. It’s quite interesting, in the majority of ordinary jobs in Ireland you get paid weekly. We don’t, but still, it is nice that we are paid on 28th April for the work done in April, no arrears. It is a general payday in Ireland as I heard. Different country, different habits.

Apart from a few places I want to visit in Dublin and neighbourhood I plan a visit to Belfast during Easter and I think about where to go for a vacation. It seems that Portugal will be the lucky winner. It is Irish Croatia - from what I heard, everyone goes, went or will go to Portugal in summer. I loved Lisbon, I spent a couple of days there in May last year and I would probably go to Faro this time. We will see B-)

I wish you all happy sunny days from rainy Ireland!

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